Carers Trust Scotland, along with colleagues from the other National Carer Organisations, have responsed to the Scottish Government's consultation on the future of social security in Scotland.

Download Carers Trust Scotland's response to the consultation (PDF, 370KB)

Over the consultation period we supported Network Partners to facilitate consultation events for carers to share their views, and made an online survey available for carers to comment on specific aspects of the legislation.

What we are asking the Scottish Government

Carers Trust Scotland, Network Partners and unpaid carers are asking to Scottish Government to commit to:

  • Ensuring that the new Scottish social security system is fairer for carers and their families.
  • Changing the criteria for claiming Carers Allowance so that more carers can access it.
  • Changing some of the rules around Carers Allowance, such as the 8 week run-on following the end of the caring role, to prevent carers from being financially disadvantaged.
  • Extending winter fuel payments, cold weather payments and funeral payments to carers and disabled people.
  • Ensuring that the principles, processes and operational policies of the new social security system are suitable for carers' needs.

We will continue to work with the Scottish Government and other stakeholders as a new Scottish social security system is formed and implemented.

We will be making sure that carers' views are a fundamental part of the decision-making process at every stage.