The Scottish Government has today released a report estimating that there are 759,000 adult carers and 29,000 young carers in Scotland, based on responses to the Scottish Health Survey 2012/2013 and Scotland’s Census 2011.

Florence Burke, director of Carers Trust Scotland, said: “These new statistics show just how extensive the issue of unpaid carers in our communities is. While we welcome the Government’s work to recognise the increase in the number of carers in Scotland, this rise reinforces the need for more support to ensure carers are not left to struggle alone.

“We need to see more investment in the services that support carers. While this report finds almost one in five adults in Scotland are carers, and 4 per cent of children, we know there are many more hidden carers who we need to make every effort to reach.

“The Carers (Scotland) Bill will only be able to make a difference for carers across Scotland if all carers and young carers, whatever their caring role, can access the help, advice and support they desperately need.

“We believe that locally based carers’ centres are key to delivering this successfully and this report makes it clear that, given how prevalent carers are now and how the numbers continue to rise, a more consistent and joined up approach to supporting carers is needed and that independent services for carers are vital.”