Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust, said: “This new data blows all previous figures out of the water, revealing a generation of young carers who are being neglected by society."

“This is a monumental wake-up call for us all to take responsibility for these vulnerable children. 

“Staggeringly, there are six young carers in every secondary school classroom, which gives us an incredibly worrying sense of the scale of this issue for the first time in a decade.”

 “Whilst these new figures are shocking, we are not at all surprised. A lack of government commitment to making sure these vulnerable children are routinely identified in school and supported means young carers are slipping through the net.

“Carers Trust is today calling on the government to take urgent action to make sure that the rights they enshrined in law to protect all young carers are actually being delivered by local authorities, rather than the patchy, ad-hoc support services currently out there.”

Read the BBC story - Being a Young Carer.

Note to editors:

  • Carers Trust’s own research has shown that being a young carer can affect a child’s school attendance, educational achievement, mental and physical health and future life chances. 
  • A survey of 350 young carers found 48% said being a young carer made them feel stressed and 44% said it made them feel tired.
  • On average young carers miss or cut short 48 school days a year.
  • A quarter of young carers said they were bullied at school because of their caring role.
  • Carer’s Trust’s recent survey with Action for Children (August 2018) revealed that nearly three quarters of young carers feel lonely and isolated during the school holidays because of their caring role.
  • There are 84 Carers Trust Network Partners which run services for young carers across the UK, providing direct support to children with caring responsibilities that need help across the UK.
  • Carers Trust believes no child’s future life chances should be hampered because they have a caring role at home. Young carers should have the same rights and opportunities to grow up and thrive, just like any other child. 

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