Together with other leading charities we’re campaigning for better health and social care for disabled children, their families and their family carers.

Research has revealed that 69% of family carers never receive support caring for their disabled children outside their close friends or family.

Recent figures estimate that £3.2bn was cut from a range of children’s early social care and welfare services between 2010 and 2015, leaving service and provision severely lacking across the UK. 

The gap in health and social care services means that disabled children and their carers face enormous difficulties in accessing even the most basic support. We will be campaigning to ensure that parent carers and sibling carers of disabled children are given access to high quality support when they need it from the health and social care system.

The Disabled Children's Partnership will launch a new campaign in England in the summer of 2017 to highlight the need for action. The campaign will bring the realities of the challenges that disabled children, young people and family carers face closer to the public and decision makers. 

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