Carers Trust recently delivered presentations under the BITC Link and Learn scheme. The programme was delivered to BITC members during Carers Week examining issues facing carers in the workplace and support services available to them.

Delivered by 6 CT staff it followed on from the recent BITC hosted by 15 Young Adult Carers.

Sean Caughey commented: “Carers Trust is delighted to have worked with BITC to bring direct support services to carers in the workplace. Feedback from the event has been very favourable and we are indebted to BITC and the participating membership for putting carers’ issues on their agenda.”

Firms visited included – DHSSP, Charles Hurst Motor Group, BITC, DECAL, PSNI , Liberty IT, Firmus Energy, Viridian, The Henderson Group (SPAR) and Danske Bank.