Carers Trust is managing the Take Action & Support programme which aims to help young adult carers in taking action to address barriers to their engaging with educational, employment or training aspects of society and support them in doing so.

The programme will run from June 2014 – February 2015 and will provide young adult carers with a series of activities promoting personal development, wellbeing and new skills to help support their transition to adulthood whilst recognising that they may have additional barriers relating to their caring role.

To support the programme, Carers Trust is looking for companies who would like their employees to get involved by mentoring and inspiring young adult carers across the UK.

Corporate volunteering is a fantastic way for companies to make a positive social impact in their neighbouring community.  Mentoring can make a real difference to young people in general and corporate mentors have the potential to be a positive resource for young adult carers.

There are several ways for your company to get involved in our programmes to support young adult carers across the UK. You can participate in our mentoring scheme for individual support, or you can organise workshops and presentations to deliver to groups of young adult carers.