Carers Trust and more than 70 Network Partners from across the UK have signed an open letter to Chancellor George Osborne, urging him to put more investment into social care to ensure care workers can be paid a living wage.

The letter was sent to the national press and calls on Mr Osborne to invest more funds so that organisations providing much-needed care for older and disabled people have the resources to pay their staff the new Living Wage when it comes into force next April.

The statement comes ahead of next week's Spending Review and says that without adequate funding many care providers will be forced to leave the market, increasing the amount of care which already stretched unpaid carers and family members will have to provide.

Many of the 76 UK care and carer charities that have signed the letter support older and disabled people in their own homes. They also support 467,000 unpaid carers by providing information, training and support.

In the letter, Gail Scott-Spicer, CEO of Carers Trust, tells Mr Osborne:

“Paid care work is not easy and must be valued and recognised. We need to ensure care workers are paid fairly for the difficult and stressful job they do and we need to attract and retain skilled and passionate people to the care workforce. That is why we welcome your intention to see every social care worker paid at least the new National Living Wage by April 2016.

“We ask for your support in ensuring the sustainability of organisations providing care so that older people, disabled people and their families who need care in the future, are able to find it.”