'Going Beyond Harm' was an event for unpaid carers of those who have been in contact with mental health services.

It was organised by Carers Trust Scotland and the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health (SPSP-MH).

Carers Trust Scotland was delighted to work in partnership with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, to look at harm reduction and the role of carers in this. 

Download the Going Beyond Harm report (PDF, 2MB)

The event was jointly hosted as a direct response to concerns raised by carers about too few opportunities for their involvement with mental health services. It took place in August, in Glasgow.

Identifying and valuing carers

As part of Carers Trust Scotland's ongoing commitment to reducing harm within mental health services we have long advocated that carers must be identified and valued as equal partners in care.

We have promoted this through the roll out of the Triangle of Care: Best Practice in Involving Carers in Mental Health Services in Scotland.

This has been fully supported by SPSP who similarly wanted to hear from carers about their concerns around mental health services and how they could help to reduce harm to service users, staff and themselves.

Triangle of Care for mental health services in Scotland

A great number of carers, some service users and staff attended the event. During the day participants were asked to discuss four main topics carers had identified to Carers Trust Scotland as being of significance to them. These were:

  • medication
  • moving between services
  • admissions/discharges
  • involving carers.

Since the event we have identified a number of areas we need to take forward, an important one being the roll out of Triangle of Care to all mental health services in Scotland. 

It has already been agreed that we will hold smaller group sessions across Scotland to allow local mental health services, carers and service users to come together and work towards the roll out of Triangle of Care in their area.

Find out more about the Triangle of Care

Plans for Scotland's mental health

Carers will be kept up to date with all work being carried out, and will be invited to take part in these small sessions, as well at some larger ones held regionally next year.

Information, including comments from carers, staff and service users from the recent event have been included in Carers Trust Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's new Mental Health Strategy – a 10 year vision for Scotland's mental health

In the response we have called for a mandatory roll out of Triangle of Care as this was a direct outcome from our event.