The Carers (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament today.

The Bill will entitle every adult carer in Scotland to their own support plan, with young carers receiving a similar young carer statement. These measures will set out the needs of each carer, and the help and support they are entitled to. This means they will have a right to receive certain support from their local authority if their needs meet local eligibility criteria. This is the first time that carers’ rights will be enshrined in law in Scotland.

The Bill and accompanying documents are downloadable from the Scottish Parliament website.

Like all legislation it will go through a 3-stage process, allowing for debate, additional evidence to be gathered and amendments to be made. This allows opportunities for the Carers (Scotland) Bill to be further strengthened and we will be working closely with the Scottish Government, MSPs and other decision-makers, carers and Network Partners to ensure this happens.