Carers Outcome Star introduced to Northern Ireland Carers Trust Development Managers Fergus Arkley and Moira Wilkinson were welcome visitors to Northern Ireland recently to carry out the inaugural training session of the Carers Outcome Star in the Province.

Fifteen delegates from both the Carers Trust Mind the Gap Programme and Network Partners Newry & Mourne Carers attended the one day session organised by Fergus and Moira. A long but enjoyable workshop ended in all staff being awarded Carers Outcome Star Certificates.

Sean Caughey who is both the NI Development Manager for Carers Trust and Mind the Gap Manager commented: “We very much appreciate the efforts of Fergus and Moira and thank them for putting on this course. Carers Outcome Star is the ideal tool for not only evaluating projects but for taking carers on a journey to improving their lives and helping them to better manage their caring role. It will very much help our support workers in service delivery throughout Northern Ireland and will no doubt become a major evaluation tool for the Mind the Gap Programme.”

Sinead Houston is Manager at the Young carers’ project in Network Partners Newry & Mourne Carers. She said: “As a direct provider of support services to carers I am acutely aware of the suspicion many carers have in form filling and interviews. The Carers Star I now realise is of and by carers and will be an ideal tool for all at Newry & Mourne Carers in the delivery of our daily services. We at Newry & Mourne are very grateful to Carers Trust and Fergus and Moira for providing this training.”