Make the Call is a campaign dedicated to ensuring that people of all ages, especially vulnerable people, including older people and carers, receive all the money services and supports they are entitled to.

The Make the Call benefits advice line was launched by the Department for Social Development (DSD) in 2011. People who call the free advice line (0800 232 12711) receive a comprehensive and confidential benefit entitlement check. In fact, in 2012/13, this service resulted in over 4,900 people receiving additional income of almost £17million.

One telephone call can provide information on benefits and services the caller may be entitled to. When a person may be entitled to a benefit, the Make the Call staff can also arrange for assistance to make a claim.

Make the Call is targeting a number of customer groups including Carers, in particular reaching out to people who do not view themselves as Carers.

Carers can help influence and encourage others who look after people to have a benefit entitlement check and ensure they are receiving all the benefits, services and supports they are entitled to.

If you know of someone who looks after a relative or friend who is ill, injured or living with a disability, you can help by directing them to the Make the Call benefit advice line. Someone could even Make the Call on their behalf.

Don’t rule yourself out. Even if you already receive benefits, work part-time, have savings or own your own home, you could be missing out. Make the Call to the Benefits Advice Line on 0800 232 1271 or Text CHECK to 66101 and we’ll call you back.