Unless you’ve imposed your own news blackout over the last 24 hours, you can’t fail to have missed yesterday’s cabinet reshuffle.

As a result of the Government reshuffle, many changes have come into place, several of them impacting key ministers for carers.

Conservative Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, has been replaced by Jeremy Hunt. Although, Jeremy Hunt does not have a background in health policy, he was a shadow Minister for Disabled People in the last Parliament. Furthermore, Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow returns to being a backbench MP. He will be replaced by another Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb who was Shadow Health Secretary until the 2010 elections.

Whilst he was Minister, Paul Burstow introduced important new proposals to strengthen carers' rights and pledges to continue speaking up for carers from the backbenches. In a tweet following the reshuffle, he said "My passion for fixing social care, improving mental health &championing Carers now from backbenches"

Commenting on this reshuffle replacing Paul Burstow with Norman Lamb as Care Services Minister our Director of Policy, Moira Fraser said:

“Paul Burstow has made a significant contribution to the social care issues during his time as Care Services Minister, and Carers Trust would like to thank him for his commitment to carers over the last two years. 

“The recent White Paper and draft Care and Support Bill featured many positive elements that should improve carers’ rights and access to services. We look forward to working with Norman Lamb MP to ensure that carers issues continue to remain a high priority, and that the current uncertainty around future funding of carer support is resolved.”