Carers Trust has launched the Care o’Clock campaign which is asking MPs to speak up for young adult carers.

UPDATE: This action has now closed. Thanks to everyone who got behind the campaign!

Care o’Clock marks the change in the clocks at the end of October which gives everyone an extra hour in their day. 

For many young adult carers, the extra hour means only additional time caring. 

To raise awareness of this issues young adult carers face every day, Carers Trust is calling on MPs to take part in Care o’Clock and use the extra hour to support young adult carers in their local area.

How to get involved

You can get involved in the campaign by emailing your MP and asking them to use their extra hour to support young adult carers. They could do this by:

  • Sending a message of support to young adult carers on social media
  • Visiting a service that supports young adult carers in their local area
  • Holding a special advice surgery for young adult carers in their constituency

About Care o’Clock

Care o’Clock is just one aspect of the wider About Time project that Carers Trust is undertaking alongside The Co-operative. 

About Time highlights the great potential that young adult carers have in education and the workplace by working with young people to empower them in overcoming barriers that they face. Young adult carers involved in About Time are engaging with decision makers locally and nationally about the issues that matter most to them.