Carers Trust response to government proposals on social care

The government has set out a series of new policies in a Queen’s Speech made today in Parliament.

Responding to the government’s proposals contained in today’s Queen’s Speech relating to social care, Kathryn Hill, Director of England at Carers Trust, said:

“Carers Trust is extremely concerned to hear the government is proposing only a partial commitment to reform adult social care funding. While measures to help older people may help some unpaid carers by extension, comprehensive funding solutions must be found to support unpaid carers in their own right, as well as support for working-age disabled people. Given the years that unpaid carers have already been waiting for a solution to social care funding, it seems astonishing that the government’s proposals outlined today will go nowhere near far enough to achieving such a solution.

“It is also worth bearing in mind that it will be difficult to implement the NHS Long Term Plan, given that many of the measures outlined in the Plan rely on the government finding a comprehensive solution for social care funding.

“In addition, any reform to the Mental Health Act must ensure that carers are involved as partners in care.”  

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