Carers Trust supports unpaid carers with PPE deliveries

Carers Trust is continuing to support unpaid carers and their families through the Coronavirus pandemic with deliveries of much-needed PPE.

The deliveries are being made to Carers Trust’s Network Partners that provide regulated home care visits to the homes of unpaid carers and their families. The visits are vital, giving unpaid carers a few precious hours to get to the shops, meet friends and to have a break from the pressures of caring.

Many of these visits have had to stop in recent weeks due to the need to keep both home care workers and unpaid carers and their loved ones free from the risk of infection.

So Carers Trust is delighted to have received a new delivery of tens of thousands of visors. The PPE equipment has been kindly donated to Carers Trust by the China Britain Business Council.

The visors, which are NHS approved, mean regulated home carers have the right PPE equipment so they can continue with their home care visits without the risk of bringing the virus into the home of carers.

This week the Chair of Carers Trust, John McLean, has delivered thousands of the visors to Crossroads Care South East London, Crossroads Care Surrey and to Harrow Carers. Further deliveries are to be made to Carers Trust Heart of England and Northamptonshire Carers.


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