Carers Trust awarded £500,000 to tackle loneliness among unpaid carers

Carers Trust are thrilled with news that we have been awarded £500,000 by the UK Government’s Loneliness Fund to support unpaid carers.

We will be using the grant to help Carers Trust Network Partners across England adapt, and enhance, existing services aimed at addressing loneliness among unpaid carers. 

The award could not have come at a better time. Reports from local carer charities across the Carers Trust Network have recently pointed to a deepening of loneliness and isolation among unpaid carers as a result of the lockdown and pandemic.

This is why, in a blog written just days ago for Carers Week, I highlighted how important it was that there was more support from government for these unsung heroes. When you consider that it’s unpaid carers who provide the majority of care in our communities, it’s only right they should get more support – especially when they are among those most affected by the pandemic.

Our Network Partners have done an amazing job at quickly adapting the way they work to offer emergency relief to unpaid carers and their families. But many have told us about their fear of not being able to cope with increased demand for their services – especially so because these services are often seen as a lifeline by carers.

Just as concerning are reports from Carers Trust Network Partners about a surge in referrals for support for young carers, and all too often a similar lack of resources to meet this soaring demand.

This Loneliness Fund award has come at the perfect time therefore to help us help unpaid carers. Carers Trust will be making sure we use the award to get grants to our Network Partners to equip them to address the incredible challenges for carers created by Covid-19.

More importantly still, this funding will make a real difference right now to the lives of unpaid carers.

Gareth Howells

CEO, Carers Trust


England / Network Partners / Young carers


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