NICE guidance to make sure carers get a flu jab

Carers Trust is encouraging commissioners, providers and Network Partners to use these NICE Quality Standards to ensure carers get the flu jab.

Carers who look after an older person or disabled person, as well as carers who receive Carer’s Allowance, are eligible for a free flu jab. Protecting carers from the flu protects both them and the person they care for.

These guidelines set out what commissioners and providers can do to ensure eligible carers are getting their flu vaccination.

For carers, the “something for everyone” approach the Quality Standards promote should include working with local specialist carer support organisations to make sure that carers are being told about the flu jab and, once identified, carers are referred for specialist support, and further support with their health.

NICE recommends a range of methods to invite eligible people for flu vaccinations

NICE has published a Quality Standard supporting commissioners and providers to increase the uptake of flu vaccination among people who are eligible – including carers. The quality standard recommends a something-for-everyone approach, with services urged to use diverse methods, including social media and text messages, to promote the benefits of flu vaccination and encourage uptake.

Carers Trust encourages all commissioners and providers to take steps to identify carers and make sure that they get the flu jab and get the support they need as carers. One way of doing this is through partnership working with local carer support organisations – like Carers Trust Network Partners.

Network Partners could also use these Quality Standards to have conversations with commissioners and providers to make sure carers in the local area are getting the flu jab.

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