Please ask your MP to sign an EDM for Young Carers Action Day

Carers Trust is pleased that Sir Ed Davey MP has secured an Early Day Motion (EDM) for Young Carers Action Day. EDM 1629 Young Carers Action Day.

Please ask your MP to sign the motion. MPs can sign anytime, including on or after Young Carers Action Day.

If the MP cannot or will not sign the EDM, they can tweet their support (see below).

Suggested text for your email to MPs and tweet is below. You may wish to edit the text to include a local issue that is particularly important to the young carers that you support.

Please let our Carers Trust Policy team know if you hear from your MP.

Template email to send to your MP

Dear [First name, Last name, MP]

[Check the UK Parliament website to find your MP if you don’t know who they are, and see if your MP has any additional titles or honours, or prefers to be addressed in a particular way]

I am writing to ask if you will make a pledge to support young carers on Young Carers Action Day.

I support Young Carers Action Day, an annual event, led by Carers Trust, to raise awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and campaign for greater support for them.

Please can you take an action for Young Carers Action Day? Could you:

1.      Add your name to EDM 1629 Young Carers Action Day.

Please email or sign via MemberHub to add your name.


2.     Make a pledge on social media.

  • You could use a suggested Tweet below:

This #YoungCarersActionDay 2021 I’m pledging to Protect Young Carers Futures. #YoungCarers develop incredible skills through their caring role – like resilience, time management and empathy – that’s why we need Action Plans for young carers so that their skills count @CarersTrust

This #YoungCarersActionDay 2021 I want to Protect Young Carers Futures. Learn more about the incredible skills #YoungCarers develop through their caring role – like resilience, time management and empathy @CarersTrust

  • You can download and use graphics on social media.
  • Please tag @CarersTrust.

For more detailed information about the campaign and the national picture, as well as other resources, please contact Carers Trust by email or phone 0300 772 9600.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name
Your address – please include your address so that your MP knows you live in their area]

Suggested social media post

Please email your MP to ask them to sign Early Day Motion to support #YoungCarersActionDay and Protect Young Carers Futures


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