Failure to raise Carer's Allowance in today's Budget will worsen the financial plight of millions of unpaid family carers

Today’s failure by the government to raise Carer’s Allowance in line with the £20 top-up to Universal Credit will plunge even more carers into financial hardship. Carers Trust responds to today’s Budget Statement by the Chancellor.

Carers Trust’s recent survey of unpaid carers across the UK provided irrefutable proof of the severe financial hardship being experienced by millions of unpaid carers. Carers responding to the survey overwhelmingly told us that what they needed most was an immediate and meaningful rise in Carer’s Allowance.

But despite repeated requests from Carers Trust and unpaid carers to raise Carer’s Allowance in line with the £20 top-up to Universal Credit, the government has yet again missed an opportunity to do so in today’s Budget statement.

This is despite the government continuing to rely on unpaid carers to pick up the burden of increased levels of social care in the community.

Worse still, unpaid carers are now bearing the increased costs of the last 12 months. Many have told us they have been left with no option but to turn to Carers Trust and its Network Partners for food vouchers and financial support so they can put food on the table while continuing to care for their family members.

Carers Trust will continue to highlight to the government why Carer’s Allowance needs to be urgently increased beyond the inadequate level announced today. And we will carry on doing all we can to support unpaid carers who continue to feel neglected and ignored despite their tireless efforts to support the people they love.

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