Repressure by George Somers

In Young Carers Action Day 2021, young carers shared poems to express their feelings of being what being an unpaid carer is like. The challenges, stresses and issues they face on a daily basis and how there needs to be more support.


I feel isolated and alone

but I never have time of my own

mum needs her meds

tea needs cooking

dog needs walking

pots piling up

washing ain’t done

boiler needs repressurising

what does that mean

the guide doesn’t seem

to be in here

in that drawer

which is strange because almost everything else is

every key and note and letter

every tool and torch and flyer

bolts, screws, washers, random fuses

cables for which no one knows their usage

almost everything to ever exist, exists inside this draw

draw, why did I open it

what was I looking for

oh right boiler

boiler needed

something doing

guide or is it a manual

either way it’s not here

guess I’ll have to search the internet

oh that reminds me I’ve got an essay due

for a class on Zoom

an assignment too

oh an exam to revise for

I’m probably going to fail class

if I had time to worry I would

I’m sure if I just tried harder I could

do everything I’m expected

without strain being detected

be there to help mum

make sure every chore is done

homework and revision accounted for

even manage to pop to the store

but I haven’t even done half of it

I’m a failure, a complete let down

done nothing to make anyone proud

my head aches with all of this

as friends boast about what I’ve missed

on account I’ve been too busy

too busy with caring

too busy with helping

too busy being there for everyone else

and still feeling I haven’t done enough to help

too busy to socialise

with anyone outside of these four walls

too busy searching

for what the hell repressurising even means