Charlotte's story

As a young adult carer, I have struggled to stay in employment due to my mum’s health constantly changing. Often, I have felt like I should quit as I was calling in last minute too often due to these changes. Constantly felt bad for calling in so last minute as I knew it was putting my team in a bad position, but my family always came first.

As a university student I am concerned that if I stay at home with my mum, I could be in the same position when I eventually get a more permanent job that has more responsibility, and still must call in last minute due to health changes of my mum. Another aspect is I am worried that if I can only get a job that is far away that I will have to quit if my mum’s health declines and my dad can no longer cope with the caring.

My hopes for the future are that places of employment can reassure their employees that their job is safe and will be waiting for when young carers and young adult carers must put their caring role above their job. As well as maybe offering an alternative shift pattern if that is possible that is better suited to their caring responsibilities.