We partner with philanthropists to achieve high-level impact for carers across the UK. 

If you are a high-net-worth individual looking to create a transformational partnership to support unpaid carers, then please contact Fionn Cremin at FCremin@carers.org. We will work to ensure that your gift has the highest impact possible for unpaid carers.

Getting involved with our philanthropy events

A great way to raise vital funds to support unpaid carers is through events both large and small.

Our supporters helped us to organise a lunch at Ascot which raised £120,000 and was joined by HRH Princess Ann

With our supporter's help, we have held fundraising events at Ascot, the Ritz and many more incredible venues. Each event raises anywhere from 4 to 6 figures for Carers Trust, all of which directly supports unpaid carers. 

If you would like to get involved to either host a philanthropy event or help us organise an event, don't hesitate to get in touch with Fionn Cremin at FCremin@carers.org.

Our supporters

You can see our full list of supporters in our Annual Review here. 

Pears Foundation

The Pears Foundation is one of our longest-standing and most generous funders, having given £5.2m since it first became involved in supporting unpaid carers in 2002. Pears Foundation's generous and flexible approach to funding enables us to invest its donations where we most need to, including support for core funding. 

Pears Foundation is a long-standing supporter of our policy and campaigning work and an incredibly generous funder of our grants programmes. These grants provide direct financial support to unpaid carers experiencing particular hardship who apply directly to us, or via local Carers Trust Network Partners. 

We are truly grateful to the Pears family and Pears Foundation for their close interest and long-term commitment to supporting unpaid carers around the UK. 

Andrew Crompton 

Andrew Crompton took on the challenge of a lifetime, cycling from Manchester all the way to Melbourne Australia, to raise vital funds for young carers. He travelled for 8 months, across 18 countries and over 15,000 km. On the 26th of March 2023, Andrew Crompton crossed the finish line in Melbourne.


We are delighted to say that Andrew Crompton raised over £200,000 for young carers across Bolton and the UK. We are hugely grateful to Andrew and the whole Manchester to Melbourne team for their support. 

The impact of your giving

You can leave it to us to use your donation where it is most needed, or support a specific project or area of our work which is of particular interest. We will regularly update you so that you can see the impact of your giving.

We offer a range of engagement opportunities for those who are interested in getting more closely involved.