Support from Pears Foundation

Pears Foundation is one of our longest-standing and most generous funders, having given £4.7m since it first became involved in supporting unpaid carers in 2002.

Pears Foundation’s generosity and flexible approach to funding enables us to invest its donations where we most need to, including support for core funding.

Pears Foundation is a long-standing supporter of our policy and campaigning work and an incredibly generous funder of our grants programmes. These grants provide direct financial support to unpaid carers experiencing particular hardship who apply directly to us, or via local Carers Trust Network Partners. 

“Thank you so much for the freezer we really appreciate it!”

We are so grateful to Sir Trevor Pears, his brothers Mark and David, and the Pears family, and to those at Pears Foundation for their close interest and long-term commitment to supporting unpaid carers around the UK.

We have supported unpaid carers with:
1,025 grants towards household goods, including:
  • 237 washing machines and dryers
  • 220 beds and bedding
530 grants towards respite, including:
  • 440 holidays and time away from caring*
325 grants towards transport needs and skills development, including:
  • 177 driving lessons
  •  103 grants to help develop skills.

*Holiday breaks were taken when lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Young woman on mobile phone writing in a notebook

COVID-19 means that 20-year-old Asma, who cares for her mum, has been trying to isolate as much as possible to shield her. With a broken mobile, and unable to afford Wi-Fi or to access it at the library or McDonald’s, Asma was finding herself increasingly isolated from friends and unable to apply for work. With the help of her Support Worker, and thanks to funding from Pears Foundation, we were able to award Asma a grant of £300 for a mobile phone and dongle.

“It is really difficult for us financially. This grant would help me with literally everything – basically I could get help.”

Find out more about the difference Pears Foundation is making to unpaid carers.

Photo courtesy of All library photos posed by models. Please note, identities and photos of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.