Carers Trust produces a range of materials and uses a variety of images. If you would like to make use of these resources please see our frequently asked questions about copyright before using them.

Can I use an image from a Carers Trust website or publication in my own work, on my own website, or on social media?

No. We rarely give permission for anyone to use an image from a Carers Trust website or publication. This includes whether you wish to use it:

  • On your website.
  • In your publication.
  • In your social media.

If you would like to discuss this please email our Web team on

In addition, many of the images on our website are purchased from photo libraries such as or You would need to contact the relevant photo library and purchase the image before you could use it. We also use free images from, and Again, you would need to liaise directly with those image libraries before using any of their images.

Can I print or photocopy any of the Carers Trust materials?

Individuals and organisations are welcome to print and photocopy any complete publication from any Carers Trust website (unless it says otherwise on the publication). Organisations are free to distribute them to service users and colleagues but must ensure that Carers Trust is acknowledged as the copyright holder.

Can I use content from Carers Trust materials in my own work?

If you would like to use an extract of content, or images, from Carers Trust materials or website in your own work you will need permission from Carers Trust. Please email our Web team at

Can I display an image of a cover from a Carers Trust publication on another website, or in any other publishable format?

Please get permission from us by emailing our Web team at before uploading or printing the cover image of a Carers Trust publication. We are generally happy for organisations to display an image of a cover of a Carers Trust publication but it must be displayed as the whole cover image, not just as a portion of the cover. 

Where cover images are displayed please provide a link to where readers can find the complete publication on Carers Trust’s website.

Can we link to publications or other web pages on Carers Trust websites from our website?

You are welcome to link to any page on a Carers Trust website. If you have any questions about this please email our Web team at

Can we translate Carers Trust publications into other languages?

Please send requests for permission to translate to our Web team at

All enquiries

All copyright enquiries should be sent to our Web team at We'll be happy to discuss copyright with you.