A legacy is a donation left to a charity in your Will. It is a lasting gift, so the causes you feel passionate about in life can continue long into the future.

Wife caring for older husband

A legacy can be large or small and does not have to be a choice between your family, friends or favourite charity. You can easily include them all, providing security for loved ones and your chosen charity.

How to leave a legacy

It's easy to include a gift to Carers Trust in your Will, but you should always consult a professional, such as a solicitor or financial adviser, to be sure your Will reflects your exact intentions and that you understand the tax implications.

A legacy of any size really makes a difference in our ability to plan for the future and help carers all across the UK. When you write or update your Will, all you would have to do is contact your professional advisers and tell them the sum or percentage of your estate that you would like to leave us.

Your adviser will need only our charity name, address and registered charity number.

Suggested wording is:

"I give £XX or XX% of my estate to Carers Trust, registered charity number in England and Wales (1145181) and in Scotland (SC042870) for its general charitable purposes."

Amend an existing Will by downloading our codicil form (PDF, 46KB)

If you've already left a gift to Carers Trust, thank you. It's now really important to let us know at legacy@carers.org.

Further information

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will download our information booklet (PDF, 543KB).

You can also contact us at legacy@carers.org or call 0844 800 4361 to speak to our legacy officer.