Leaving a gift in your will

Writing or updating your will is a significant personal decision, and we understand that your loved ones come first. But we also know that our work transforming the lives of unpaid carers wouldn't be possible without gifts in wills and the generous support of hundreds of people like you. 

With three in five of us becoming a carer at some point in our lives, a gift in your will could help us provide the very best support for the seven million unpaid carers in the UK today, and for the millions more who will be caring for loved ones in the future.

How to include a gift in your will

The first thing that we would recommend doing is to get in touch with a solicitor or a professional will writer. They are best placed to help you write your will, making sure that everything is done correctly.

If you already have a will and would like to change it to include a gift to charity, they will be able to advise you on this too.

We appreciate that making these decisions is a big deal and we want to do our best to help. If you would like further information about leaving a gift in your will, you can email our Fundraising team or call us on 0800 061 1838

Write your will for free

Carers Trust have partnered with Farewill to offer a free will writing service. A gift in your will to Carers Trust can help give future generations of carers the support they need.

Learn more about the free will writing service


Should I make a will?

Having an up-to-date will is the only way to make sure that your family and friends, as well as any charities you care about, are provided for. Without a will, the state decides what happens to your assets. It’s a good idea to review your will from time to time, as circumstances do change.

When is a good time to make a will?

There is no better time than now. It is surprising that many people die without making a will, which means family or friends left behind may face some tricky problems. By making a will now, you can have the peace of mind that you have provided for your loved ones and left a gift to those charities that mean the most to you.

Is it expensive or difficult to make a will?

Prices can vary across solicitors' practices; don’t be afraid to shop around or ask for a quote!

Can a small amount make a difference?

Of course! To give you an idea; a gift of £20 can provide refreshments for a young adult carer group meeting, a gift of £1,000 would pay for the delivery of four workshops for carers supporting people with mental health issues. A gift of £5,000 can deliver six months’ worth of workshops for young adult carers increasing their skills and helping them to access employment opportunities. Every amount makes a difference to the unpaid carers in need of our support.

What will my gift go towards?

You can choose a particular area of Carers Trust where you would like your gift to be used, or you can contribute to our unrestricted fund which allows us to identify which services would benefit the most at that time.

Carers Trust offers a variety of services for vulnerable unpaid carers including activity clubs for young carers and support groups caring for those with dementia.

Can a gift to a charity help me pay less tax?

Technically, yes. Gifts to UK registered charities are exempt from inheritance tax. Carers Trust would strongly recommend that you speak to a solicitor for advice on tax issues.

What information do I need to include when leaving a gift to Carers Trust?

If you’d like to include Carers Trust in your will, simply insert the following message:

I give to Carers Trust of Unit 101, 164-180 Union Street, London, SE1 0LH registered charity numbers 1145181 and SC042870 [__% of the residue] of my estate/[specified amount] absolutely for its general charitable purposes.

Don't forget to use our full name and details to make sure the gift reaches us.