Katie will be spending Christmas Day like any other, with a list of jobs she’s responsible for.

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With your support we can help young carers like Katie this Christmas.

You may have seen a recent BBC report which revealed that one in five children in England alone are caring for a family member. Carers such as nine-year-old Katie. Katie may seem like any other child you know who loves playing with friends, telling jokes, going to the park or just having cuddles . . . But for Katie life is very different.

Some days are really tough.’

Her dad has had to spend most of his time in bed for the last three years, and all the children in the family have caring roles, including the youngest Katie. Her daily jobs include sorting out medication, cooking, cleaning and sitting with her dad to keep him company. She doesn’t like to leave him and worries when she is away.

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Many young carers are not recognised by anyone as a carer. Many are too young to understand and describe their needs. They also want to fit in with their peers and often we find that they keep their caring role secret. Sadly, two in every three young carers face bullying at school.

I don’t really tell them about anything I do at home.’

Very often young carers like Katie are looking after adults who are finding life hard to cope with. Issues like depression, disability and serious illness are aspects of life that they are all too familiar with. The need for us to work hard to identify more of these children is urgent. With your help, we want to be able to support more of these young carers who are dealing with difficult physical and emotional situations.

A gift from you can help a carer like Katie to receive the support they desperately need.

From working with young carers, we know that they can find it hard to make and keep friends. We can provide support workers who can look after their parent for a few hours, while the young carer goes to a local carer service where they have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities. 

We know that early intervention really does make a difference. We can not only improve the prospects for young carers now, but for their futures as well.

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Thank you for your support. 

Katie’s story has been adapted slightly and her name and image have been changed to protect her identity, but it is representative of many young carers that we support in the UK.