How your school can support young carers

Find out about initiatives making it easier for schools to support young carers.

Young Carers in Schools

Young Carers in Schools is a free initiative making it easy for schools to support young carers.

Young Carers Awareness Day

Young Carers Awareness Day raises awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and campaigns for greater support for them. Get involved and access free resources.

Getting support if you are a young carer or a young adult carer

See our information for young and young adult carers

Find young carer services near you

Carers Trust's local Network Partners are carer services across the UK, offering information, advice, practical support and/or care in the home. Many of them, but not all, have services for young carers and young adult carers. 

Find your local carer service

The Children’s Society can also help you find a young carers service near you

Date revised: 03/01/2019