Carers Trust launched a collaborative partnership with The Quilter Foundation and The Mix in September 2018.

Quilter FoundationThe partnership is dedicated to transforming the lives of young adult carers in the UK. Through the partnership, Quilter plans to raise £1.5m for pioneering support services for some of the UK’s 376,000 young people aged 16-25 with caring responsibilities. 

The programme will create long-term change for young adult carers by developing programmes that help them make positive changes in their journey into adulthood. The projects aim to provide immediate wellbeing support, as well as build career-related skills and develop resilience among young people.

Quilter staff supporting young adult carers

Since last year Quilter staff have done so much to help support young adult carers. They ran an incredible fundraising campaign for Young Carers Awareness Day on 31 January which raised over £5,000 and it is clear to see that Quilter staff are really committed to this partnership. We even have signups for the Big Half and the London Marathon!  

Quilter is keen to have a direct impact, beyond its fundraising efforts. In November 2018 it offered carers free tickets to Quilter Internationals rugby games at Twickenham stadium and has also been running workshops for young adult carers to help improve their skills and knowledge.


Unpaid carers save the UK an astonishing £132bn a year. A figure that will most certainly grow as our society ages. Young people involved in the care of family members can feel isolated, struggle with mental health issues and tend to have poorer outcomes in education and employment. That’s not acceptable and we can do something about that. As part of our partnership Quilter plc employees will bring their passion and time to directly help young carers in their local communities through Carers Trust’s network.”

Paul Feeney, CEO, the Quilter Foundation and Chair of The Quilter Foundation

We know that young adult carers are more likely to fall behind, be bullied and suffer from anxiety and depression. The impact of caring at this critical stage can severely impact their ability to prosper in adulthood. We’re thrilled to start a three-year partnership with Quilter plc to address this issue. Funds raised for the partnership will help us make a real difference to young carers' lives and achieve a step change in public understanding of caring responsibilities and attitude to young adult carers.”

Giles Meyer, Chief Executive, Carers Trust

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