Tips for raising money safely

It’s really important to us that everyone’s going to be safe while fundraising. However you choose to raise money for Carers Trust, remember – to do it safely, make sure you follow any legal requirements and make sure you have fun!

If you’re a child or young person, you must always take an adult with you when you ask for or collect money.

Tell us about it

It’s a good idea to keep us informed of any events you are holding – this way if anyone wants to check that you are in fact raising money for us, we can confirm this. We can also provide you with some fundraising materials, so let us know in plenty of time.

Below are some basic guidelines for different types of events. Charity fundraising is regulated by law and you could be fined if you don’t follow the rules. For more information, or if you are unsure of what you need to do for your event, email or call 0800 061 4838.


You need permission to collect in a public place such as a street or even door-to-door. Contact your local council for advice.

To collect on private property, such as a shopping centre you must ask whoever is responsible for it. We recommend that all collectors are aged over 18, but please note by law all collectors must be at least 16 years old or accompanied by an adult.

Food and drink

Food safety laws apply when you sell food at an event and you must follow food hygiene procedures. Contact your local authority environmental health department for further information.

A licence is needed if you sell alcohol at your event, even if it is included in the ticket price. You can obtain a temporary licence from the licensing justice at your local magistrate's court and you will need to give at least one month’s notice. You don’t need a licence if you hold your event on licensed premises or ask a pub to organise the bar for the event.


By law, Carers Trust charity registration number SCO15975 must appear on all posters and advertisements that invite people to participate or help. However please contact us before using our logo or name.


You must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation. If you organise an event that involves the public in any way, you will need to ensure you have public liability insurance. Carers Trust cannot accept responsibility for accidents, so make sure that your event is safe for all concerned.

If you are under 18 years of age

If you’re a child or young person, you must always take an adult with you when you ask for or collect money. Take care if you are carrying money around. Try to not keep too much with you at any time, ask a friend to go with you, use a safe route and you could also take a personal alarm with you.

After the event

Please make sure that the money you raise or collect is sent to Carers Trust as safely and quickly as possible. It’s a good idea to get two different people to count and check the money. If possible, send us a postal order or cheque for the amount raised, so that you don’t have to send cash in the post.

All cheques and postal orders should be made payable to ‘Carers Trust’ and sent to us at the following address:

Carers Trust 
2-6 Boundary Row,

Please include your name and address details and a brief description of where and how the money was raised.

It would also be fantastic if you could send us any photos and any funny or unusual stories about the event as we may use them on our website or newsletter ‘We Care’.

Thank you and good luck!