Holding your own event

Organising a fundraising event is a fantastic way to bring friends and family together and do something different. We have plenty of imaginative ideas, now we’d love to hear yours.

If you are thinking of organising an event please do get in touch! No matter what the idea, our Fundraising team is happy to help. We’re on hand to chat, offer advice and help make your event a success. 

Before launching into the event here are a few things to consider.

Choose your event

A fundraising event is an extremely rewarding and worthwhile thing to do. It’s not all about raising money, it is also a great opportunity to have fun and raise awareness for a good cause. So when picking your fundraiser, think carefully about the amount of time and resources you can put in. It’s important to pick the event that suits you. 

Here are a couple of our suggestions. If you have spare time on your hands why not consider hosting a fundraising dinner. Pick a fun theme, get your cookbook out and hopefully enlist a few volunteers. You can decorate your house with bunting, request donations from guests and also offer a fun and sociable night for everyone.

If you work long hours and don’t have the time to plan there are other things you can consider. A pub quiz is an easy way to get around your time constraints. Charge each guest a small fee for entry, come up with some interesting questions and ask a local pub if they are happy to host. 

For more ideas email fundraising@carers.org.

Make the most of it

After putting in all the hard work to organise an event we want you to make the most of it. There are lots of different techniques that can help increase your fundraising goals and make it more exciting for guests. 

An auction or raffle is a good way to give something back to guests and collect extra funds. You can get in touch with local companies or shops to see if they have any items to donate. If all else fails, you could even consider auctioning off a willing friend or relative who can offer a skill such as gardening.

Don’t forget, your event is also a great opportunity to raise awareness for carers and communicate the services that are available for them.  We can provide bunting, leaflets, flags and other informative and decorative materials to help keep this on your guests’ mind.

Keep it simple and safe

1. Setting up an online page

A fundraising page can help save you time and effort collecting sponsorship. If you would rather not handle cash and cheques, it is a really useful way for friends and family to donate securely and tax-efficiently. Through Just Giving the money is sent directly to your charity’s bank account. 

Find out how to set up a Just Giving page or visit our Just Giving page to donate.

2. Raising money legally and safely

Before getting started with your fundraiser, here are a few important things to consider. Please take a look at our Tips for raising money safely

Contact the Events Team

Finally, remember that everything you raise helps us to continue our unique work with thousands of carers in the UK. We appreciate the time you put in and the effort to increase awareness of the difficulties they face. Carers Trust would like to say a huge thank you!

Email fundraising@carers.org if you would like any further information on holding your own event, or call the team on 0300 772 9600.

We can also provide t-shirts, information about Carers Trust’s work, balloons, collecting boxes, invitation cards, posters – and even training advice, should you want to get active. And we have a sample Sponsorship form you can use.