A Message from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal Respite Fund For Carers, is an initiative set up by Carers Trust to mark the 70th birthday of our President, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.

Since setting up The Princess Royal Trust For Carers 30 years ago, The Princess Royal has shown an unstinting commitment to supporting unpaid carers. In that time she has always been a strong advocate of the need for providing unpaid carers with a break, or ‘respite’, from their caring roles.

So it is especially appropriate that this fund, designed to make more funded breaks available to carers, has been set up in Her Royal Highness’s name.

Carers Trust is thrilled that The Princess Royal has provided her own message of support for the newly established fund.

“As President of Carers Trust, I am delighted with this new initiative. It will raise funds for something I know to be incredibly important for carers – being able to take a break. Taking a break may sound a simple thing. But during my 30-year involvement with Carers Trust, one thing has always struck me when speaking to carers. And that is the importance they attach to having some time out from caring, and what a difference it can make to their health and wellbeing.”

What are respite breaks for carers?

Respite breaks are not holidays, or that bit of time off work that many of us are used to. For carers providing round-the-clock care for no pay, respite is an absolute necessity. It’s a chance for carers to have some space and time to themselves so they can re-energise. It’s essential for their physical and mental wellbeing. And without it, many carers couldn’t go on caring.

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