Chat to carers online

If you would like to chat to other carers online or get online support you could try an online forum.

Forums for adult carers

Carers FIRST’s Carer Forum

Open to all carers aged 18+, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Carers FIRST's Carers Forum aims to give carers the opportunity to chat with others who may find themselves in similar situations, offer each other advice and support and share experiences about what helped them.

Carers UK online forum

Carers UK, the UK's membership charity for carers, offers advice, information and the Carers UK online forum

Gransnet's Care and Carers forum 

Older carers can visit Gransnet's forum to chat to like-minded people about their problems and issues.

Scope's online community for parents and carers 

If you need advice about caring for disabled children or adults, Scope's online community can provide help and reassurance. Join one of its discussions on everything from childhood disability and development to home care, or start a new one to discuss your needs and concerns as a carer. 

Simplyhealth Care Community

Sometimes, the best support comes from others in the same situation. The Simplyhealth Care Community forum is a peer-led social community where users can share experiences, tips and more, while caring.

Sue Ryder online community

If someone you care for is dying or has died, the Sue Ryder online community is a place to share experiences, get things off your chest, ask questions and chat to people who understand.

Forums for young and young adult carers

The Mix

Young and young adult carers (aged 13-25) can access online support on The Mix’s online community. The Mix helps young people get to grips with any challenge they face – from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs.


YACbook is an online community and resource centre for young adult carers across the UK. Developed by Carer Support Wiltshire, YACbook has up-to-date information on a range of subjects aimed at young adult carers such as mental health, education and work, and has regular blog posts and video interviews from young adult carers. You can also get involved and submit your own stories to the blog. 

Online safety

Before using any online forum make sure you check out the advice on the forum on how to use it safely including community guidelines, controlling your privacy and looking after your safety.

Date revised: 18/12/2020