How Working for Carers helped Suzanne identify her transferable skills

The Working for Carers programme in London has helped carer Suzanne back into work by identifying her transferable skills.

About Suzanne

Suzanne had given up her job as a property manager to become a full-time carer for her mother. When her mother’s condition deteriorated and Suzanne could no longer manage her mother’s 24-hour needs, she organised for her mother to move into a nursing home. Her caring role continued while her mother was in the nursing home but her Carer’s Allowance stopped, and she decided it was time to return to work. 

How did Working for Carers help?

Suzanne met with her personal employment adviser to talk through her work history and skills, as well as her employment needs and barriers. 

Her adviser supported her to update her CV and as she was interested in finding a job in retail, they focused on highlighting her transferrable skills.

What was the result?

Suzanne sent her CV to a local clothing retailer, and was offered a position. Her life has been transformed since gaining employment. She has a new routine, supportive colleagues, and opportunities to learn new skills.

Looking ahead, Suzanne would like to re-train, using some of the skills she gained as a carer, in either an advisory role or in healthcare. She is exploring opportunities with her personal employment adviser.

"Carers have so much to offer, we had to learn huge amounts of information about the ones we care for and learn diplomacy, listening skills, how to be compassionate, managing finances, keeping diaries, providing transportation. But we don't recognise how much we have learnt. I think there should be a Continuing Professional Development file created for anyone who takes up a care role just so we could see how much we have achieved and how much we are worth."

Further information

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Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.