How Working for Carers helped Simon volunteer

Simon is a carer who was supported into voluntary work by the Working for Carers programme in London.

About Simon

Simon is 62 and was made redundant five years ago. Since then has been caring for his elderly mother. He supports her daily by helping with medication, preparing meals, helping with her mobility, keeping her home tidy, keeping supplies and equipment in order and taking her to medical appointments. He is now looking to return to work in social care, on a part-time/flexible basis.

How did Working for Carers help?

Simon's personal employment adviser helped with support in creating a CV, finding and paying for an IT course, advice on searching for work online, registering with job search sites and finding a volunteering opportunity. Simon was also supported to purchase a mobile phone – allowing him to be contacted by potential employers. 

What was the result?

Simon is now volunteering with two organisations that support people in the community with a view to securing a job in the care sector. He is also looking to complete further training while volunteering to build on his skills and experience. 

"My goal is to gain employment in the care sector for an organisation that helps people with a disability have as much independence as possible.”

Further information

Find out more about the free Working for Carers service in London and how it can support carers.

Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.