How Working for Carers helped Alex

The Working for Carers programme in London helped unpaid carer Alex sharpen his skills and get back into retail management.

About Alex

Alex, is 28 and lives in London. Unfortunately, he lost his job as an Area Sales Manager during the first lockdown. He then moved back home with his parents and grandmother.  While at home, Alex helped care for his grandmother as she has dementia. Often, he would provide around-the-clock care – cooking, caretaking, and offering general support to his parents while also helping with his grandmother’s welfare. Alex has been an unpaid carer to his grandmother for the last ten years since her diagnosis.

Alex also started looking for work. During lockdowns, applying for work was tough especially when the uncertainty around the job market increased. Furlough, redundancies and uncertainty about whether retail could open meant there were more people chasing fewer jobs, especially in retail. Alex applied for up to 300 jobs, and found the process very challenging and negatively impacting to his mental heath.

How did Working for Carers help?

In January 2021 Alex got in touch with the local carer service, Redbridge Carers. 

Redbridge Carers runs a Working for Carers programme to give unpaid carers the confidence and skills to help them move them towards employment. A Working for Carer mentor provided Alex with impartial, expert advice which helped sharpen up his CV and pointed him in the right direction. 

What was the result?

After a couple of months, Alex began to get interviews, and then started a full time job as a Retail Manager in April 2021.

“I’m delighted I got this job. Applying for work during the pandemic was tough, so I’m pleased I got in touch with Redbridge Carers. Working for Carers gave me help when I needed it. To other carers I’d say that help is on offer, be open minded and reach out to your local caring service.”

Further information

Find out more about the free Working for Carers service in London and how it can support carers.