Helping Jane become self employed

How the Working for Carers programme in London is helping Jane on the road to self-employment

About Jane

Jane has always had a passion for travel, working abroad for many years of her life and had been working in Asia when her mother became ill. Jane decided to return to and remain in the UK to care for her. Her mother went on to live for a number of years with the cancer diagnosis, sadly passing away in 2018.

Jane only found out about her local carer service in the last year of her mother’s life. She was referred through a friend. Although she retracted from the service when her mother was very ill as it was not the right time for her to engage she later received a phone call from the service to tell her about the Working for Carers project.

How did Working for Carers help?

Jane had an initial phone call with the Employment Personal Adviser, during which she was able to share her ambition to become self-employed, to re-connect with the world, retain a sense of freedom and her desire not to be sitting in an office 9–5. They were also able to discuss her challenges – she had gone from being a professional living abroad to poverty, made increasingly  difficult considering her mother’s illness, her own mental health and her feeling that “doors were closed”. The Employment Personal Adviser was understanding when Jane had to cancel appointments during the period of her mother’s passing. When Jane felt unable to reach out for help  the support that her Employment Personal Adviser provided gave her “hope”. “My Employment Personal Adviser was amazing” and Jane credits her as part of her recovery.

"It is bringing me back to life. This place has been my haven."

What was the result?

Ultimately, Jane is pursuing her ambition to become self-employed and is becoming an Uber driver. She has attended a self-employment workshop which she found helpful. Having worked abroad for many years, receiving up-to-date key information on topics such as bookkeeping and tax allowances was valuable. The workshops also provided her with an opportunity for peer support with lots of carers swapping stories, ideas and numbers. The Working for Carers project has also provided her with the financial assistance that she needed to complete all of the required tests and Jane is currently in the final stages of becoming a qualified Uber driver. 

Further information

Find out more about the free Working for Carers service in London and how it can support carers.

Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.