Helping Arjun get experience volunteering

Arjun is a carer who has been helped to gain work experience by volunteering through the Working for Carers programme in London.

About Arjun

Arjun is 48 and is the main carer for her teenage daughter, who has epilepsy, and her father. She wanted to find employment but she had never had a job in the UK. Her most recent job was as a bank cashier in Kenya. 

When she first met with her employment personal adviser to discuss her needs, she lacked confidence in her abilities. She also wanted flexible working hours, due to her caring commitments.

How did Working for Carers help?

Arjun was supported to update her CV and write a personal statement. Her adviser suggested volunteering as a way to gain experience of working in the UK. She successfully applied for a volunteer receptionist position at her local carer service. She then took on a second volunteering role at a community transport organisation.

Arjun also represented young carers at a coffee morning and, as a direct result, secured a new funder and partner for her local carer service.

What was the result?

Arjun is now actively searching for paid employment, while she continues her volunteering roles. She keeps in touch with her adviser on a regular basis to update on her progress.

"The Working for Carers team made me realise that I have actually got a lot to offer and that I too can be an integral part of an office.”

Further information

Find out more about the free Working for Carers service in London and how it can support carers.

Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.