#GivingTuesday is a HUGE day of global giving and this year it took place on 3 December 2019. A big thank you to everyone who got involved.

We used #GivingTuesday to show we care for young carers 

This year, we used #GivingTuesday to increase awareness of young carers and the challenges they face at Christmas :

  • There are approximately seven million unpaid carers in the UK and as many as one in five of them are children and young people. Christmas can be a particularly lonely time for young carers – they might not have so much time for fun as other children while they are caring for a family member. 
  • Research show that the impact of caring at an early age can be wide-reaching. 68% of young carers are bullied at school, and half of young carers say no one at their school knows they’re a carer.”
  • Many young carers can’t look forward to the presents and treats their friends can – money can be tight when someone in the family needs looking after. 

Find out more about the challenges young carers face.

Thank you for showing you cared about young carers on #GivingTuesday 

We ran our #GivingTuesday 2019 campaign on Twitter and Instagram. We asked our supporters to take a photo of themselves holding up a sign showing why they support carers and to post their message of support on 3 December.Man with cat on shoulder holding sign reading #ICareAboutCarers because without them the NHS and social care would collapse 

How we’re making a difference for young carers

Many Carers Trust carer services across the UK are supporting young carers. Some are running clubs where young carers can meet other young carers, play games, go on outings and try a new hobby. Others offer one-to-one support and counselling to help young carers struggling at school or feeling anxious.

Find out how we’re making a difference for one young carer, Hannah. 

How you can make a difference for young carers 

A big thank you to everyone who got involved on social media. We also have lots of other ways you can show you care for unpaid carers:

Getting support if you’re a young carer

If you’re a young carer, find out where you can get support.