Making sure your voice is heard

There are seven million carers across the UK. They are everywhere. But all too often carers are nowhere in the thinking of politicians and policy makers.  
This has to stop.  
This is why we need your help to speak up for carers. The General Election on 4th July is a real opportunity to show your support for carers and make sure your voice is heard.  
Here are some things you can do to get involved and stay informed.

Make sure you, your family and friends are vote ready

If you, your family and friends are planning to vote you need to make sure you are registered.  If you are not easily able to get to a polling station easily, you may need a postal vote. And do you know about the voter ID requirements?   
Find out more about getting ready to vote

Write a letter to your local candidates 

Use our simple guide to get the attention of your candidates and ask them to speak up for carers. It shouldn’t take you long, but it could make a big difference.

Find the guide here

If a candidate comes calling 

If a candidate knocks on your door or you get the chance to talk to them directly it would be useful to be ready with some things you would like to say and questions you would like to ask about how they intend to show their support for unpaid carers. 

To help you speak up for carers we’ve created a helpful reminder of the things that could make a big difference, download our candidate calling card and keep it handy.

Download the candidate calling card

Join Us

If you are a carer you can get involved in shaping the work we do and make sure carers are heard.   
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