The Triangle of Care programme, which Carers Trust leads on in England and Wales, received a significant boost in 2015 with a generous grant of £30,000 from The Freemasons' Grand Charity.

Chief Executive of The Freemasons' Grand Charity Laura Chapman said:

"The role of a carer can be extremely difficult, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

"We want to ensure their contribution is not overlooked by society and that they receive the support they need to ensure their own mental health and wellbeing is not neglected.

"The Triangle of Care provides a fantastic service supporting carers and is one we're extremely happy to assist."

Triangle of Care programme

Carers Trust's Triangle of Care is a national programme working with mental health NHS providers and third sector carer and mental health organisations to improve how carers are included and supported in mental health services.

We have made significant steps forward over the past few years and this funding will ensure that we will be able to consolidate and grow this important model. 

The model promotes good practice, works to improve the consistency and quality of service provision and carer inclusion across mental health providers. With 1.5 million people caring for family or friends with mental health issues across the UK, this work has considerable impact.

The model was developed by a group of carers and was co-produced by a carer. Since Triangle of Care was launched in 2011, we have achieved the following:

  • 50 of the 56 mental health NHS providers in England (90%) are involved in the Triangle of Care.
  • 28 of these trusts have formally signed up to Carers Trust’s ToC membership scheme, demonstrating a long term commitment to assess their services and embed the standards of the Triangle of Care. 

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