Emergency schemes for carers

Many local carer services and local councils offer carer schemes where an emergency plan can be put into action if you have a caring emergency. 

Most of these schemes are free.

How do the schemes work?

Each of the schemes will work slightly differently so check with your local carer service about what is available where you live.  

Usually you will need to carry a card with you at all times. In an emergency, anyone who finds this card will know you are a carer and that there is someone relying on your support.

They can ring the phone number on the card and that will go through to a 24-hour-a-day call centre. The call centre will have your emergency plan that says what you would like to happen in the event of an emergency.

This may be as simple as calling someone else you know who can care for the person you usually look after until you are better. Some schemes include some emergency care from your local council but check with the scheme where you live. 

These schemes don't usually cover you if you have something planned, such as an appointment, and need short-term replacement care.