Every day thousands of carers are regularly handling and giving medication to a family member, friend or neighbour because they have difficulties doing it themselves due to frailty, disability, mental health issues or ill health. 

A carer's guide to managing medicines

As a direct response to this, in Nov 2014, Carers Trust Wales in partnership with Community Pharmacy Wales, colleagues and carers developed and launched 'A Carers Guide to Managing Medicines: For Adult and Young Carers'. This was the first of its kind, specifically aimed at unpaid carers to help and support them in their daily lives.

The bilingual booklet covers topics such as taking medication; ordering prescriptions; safe storage and handling; discharge from hospital; medicine use reviews; pharmacy services, gaining consent; useful contacts and a FAQ section.

The booklet has now been adapted for use in England and Northern Ireland and has been a welcomed addition of support and advice.

Raising students' awareness of carers

Carers Trust Wales is also working with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cardiff University to help facilitate Pharmacy Student Placements amongst our Network Partners across South Wales as part of an ongoing programme.

This is an excellent opportunity to raise the students' awareness of carers. The placements highlight to the students the issues carers face and the support they need allowing them to reflect on how they may be able to help identify and support carers in their role as pharmacists once qualified.

The placements are also an opportunity to highlight the type of work Carers Trust Wales and its Network Partners do within the social care sector and the difference this support can make to carers and those they care for.  

To find out more about our work with pharmacies, contact Gill Winter.