In our countdown to Christmas 2017, we took some time to reflect on how our partnership with the Rank Group supports carers across the UK. We highlighted different stories every day.

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More than three years of supporting carers

Rank charity champion celebrating the the three year anniversary of Rank Cares and £1.5m raised

In February 2017, we celebrated the three year anniversary of the Rank Cares partnership. Over the course of three years, Rank employees and customers raised an incredible £1.5m, and with the partnership continuing into 2018 we will be able to support many more carers.

Funds raised from the partnership go towards our grants programme – giving carers access to desperately needed breaks, essential equipment to support caring and skills and training courses. Our grants can make the challenge of being a carer that little bit easier, help stop people from breaking down under the strain and help carers find ways to cope with caring. Three years into the partnership, the funds raised by the Rank Group have helped over 6,000 carers.

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