In our countdown to Christmas 2017, we took some time to reflect on how our partnership with the Rank Group supports carers across the UK. We highlighted different stories every day.

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Rank Champion Grant Hallworth – 11 events so far this year!

Every year, Rank and Carers Trust celebrate Rank champions by holding an awards ceremony for all the wonderful Rank Champions, dedicated employees who volunteer their time to lead on fundraising activities.

Group of fundraisers in a fieldRank Champion, Grant Hallworth, and Team Salford have been involved in 11 events in support of Carers Trust throughout 2017 and have raised over 300% of their fundraising target for 2017. They've created weird and wonderful fundraising games for customers, gone on a 27/4 walkabout and Colour Runs, and Grant even opened his own garden for a jumble trail. There’s always something going on.

One of the events that Grant is most proud of was Annie’s head shave which raised £2,500.

We are obviously very proud of all our events – [Annie’s head shave] in particular because of the amount we raised, the methods we used and especially the FUN we all had … Our team are all stars!”

Rank Champion Grant

Grant also has been involved in volunteering for Carers Trust and recently painted four rooms for local Carers Trust Network Partner, Trafford Carers Centre. 

This year I wanted to get our team more involved in the volunteering aspects of Carers Trust, albeit our working hours can make this a challenge at times, we are good at involving carers in our events whenever possible however, it's my intention to branch out more this coming year ... It's a matter of finding the right balance!”

Grant and Team Salford are always enthusiastic and go above and beyond in their support of Carers Trust.

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