As part of the Going Higher for Student Carers in Scotland campaign we are asking universities to tell us what they are doing to put student carers On the Map.

Universities in Scotland should be taking action to identify and support student carers to ensure that they have a fair chance to be successful in Higher Education.

Have a look at the map and see what information universities have already given us about what they're doing to support student carers in Scotland.  

Student carers research

Research undertaken by Carers Trust found that student carers were generally providing a very high level of care and they were four times more likely to drop out of Higher Education than those without caring responsibilities.

  • 45% reported having mental health problems 
  • 56% were experiencing difficulties because of their caring role 
  • 16% were concerned that they might have to drop out of university 
  • 45% said there was no-one at university who recognised them as a carer and helped them

Many student carers experience extremely challenging circumstances that is negatively impacting on them being able to enter, sustain and meet their true potentials in Higher Education in Scotland.

Carers provide an invaluable service to their cared for person/s, but also to their local community and to Scotland. It is Student Carers’ Time to be Heard in Scotland and their time to be On the Map.