Britain's Best Breakfast is our UK fundraising campaign — raising money to help us support more unpaid carers and give them a break from their caring role.

Britain's Best Breakfast logoWe are asking you to invite your friends and family to join you for breakfast and raise money for Carers Trust. We want people to have fun, eat breakfast, and raise a (piece of) toast to carers.

Wake up to caring

Today, one in ten of us is a carer. That's nearly seven million people! So even if you aren't a carer yourself, it's likely you know someone who needs the support of Carers Trust.

Anyone could be a carer. They might be:

  • Anita - she is 54 and cares for her mother and father who both have dementia.
  • Jessica - a 10 year old young carer who cares for her father who has a physical disability
  • Matt - is a young adult carer aged 19. He cares for his brother Luke, 17, who has severe Autism, Klinefelter syndrome and epilepsy.
  • Sylvie - is 37 and cares for her son Imohtep, eight, and her two other sons. Imohtep has a rare chromosome disorder.
  • Yewande - a 50 year old mother caring for her son Gbenga who has Down's syndrome

Hosting your breakfast

There are loads of ways to get involved - whether it's a bowl of cereal, a pastry or a fry up, we want you to host a breakfast to help raise money to support more of Britain's seven million unpaid carers. 

Be a good egg and see how you can get involved in Britain's Best Breakfast

Corporate sponsorship

Britain's Best Breakfast encourages breakfast-related fun in organisations across the UK.

Find out what your company can for Britain's Best Breakfast