Add your school to our map and show your support for young carers

Female young carers using computers in class

We are calling on all schools in England and Wales that are working to identify and support young carers, to showcase their commitment to young carers by adding their school to the Young Carers in Schools map.

Young Carers in Schools is a free  initiative making it easy for schools to support young carers and award good practice.

By adding your school you will:

  • Showcase your school's support for young carers.
  • Showcase to your school community that you are committed to achieving positive impacts for pupils/students with caring responsibilities.
  • Support us to demonstrate the large numbers of schools that are identifying and supporting this vulnerable pupil group, helping ensure that even more schools provide young carers with the support they need in education.

Key to identify your pin in the map

  • Yellow pin: Young Carers in Schools Gold Award winning school
  • Blue pin: Young Carers in Schools Silver Award winning school
  • Orange pin: Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award winning school
  • White pin: School that is identifying and supporting young carers

Get support to develop and maximise outcomes for young carers at your school

Run jointly by Carers Trust and The Children's Society Young Carers in Focus partners, we are working with schools across England and Wales to provide step-by-step guidance, practical tools and training and the opportunity for national recognition through the Young Carers in Schools Award.

Schools that have secured a Young Carers in Schools Award recognition of their good practice are also displayed on the map.

Add your school today

The form below is for use by school staff. If you or your child attend a school that does not currently appear on the map, ask a member of school staff what they do to identify and support young carers. Then ask them to add their school to our map!