If you are buying support from a provider agency and things go wrong you want to be certain that any problems can be solved quickly and efficiently.

What should I look for?

  • Check if there is a complaints procedure and who you can contact if things go wrong.
  • Check that the complaints procedure is written in an accessible way.
  • The procedures they have should provide you with reassurance that potential complaints would be taken seriously and properly investigated.
  • The procedure should also tell you how they will feed back to you about what is happening as a result of your complaint – and what you can do if you are still not happy.

My mum complained that things were going missing from the house. Odd things like a plate. I called Carers Trust and they took it very seriously and investigated immediately. Turned out it was an early sign of a form of Alzheimers, which they helped me to report to our GP

— Zena

Find out more about social care, care home or paid care worker complaints. This includes more about how to complain about paid support workers, personal assistants and about staff at care homes.