Your support provider/worker needs to offer long term, quality support. The initial conversations you have will be a good indication of your future relationships and how easy it will be to talk to them.

What should I look for?

  • They do what they promised; get back to you when they said they would; you will be able to get hold of them when they say you can.They have an out of hours service and can respond quickly when your needs change.
  • They should be interested and show an understanding of your needs, family needs and wishes as well as the needs of the person you provide care to.
  • They recognise that you are the expert on the person you care for support needs.
  • They offer you the opportunity to talk to other people they support or other family members about their experiences.
  • Have a look at their social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter to see what other people say about them.

I have never looked back since finding my Carers Trust service. The staff all know dad and he really enjoys his time with them. He has a team of care support workers, so everything is covered by people he knows, even when someone is off sick or on holiday.

— Bruce who cares for his dad with dementia